About us

Its always good to know or at least have some idea with who you are getting yourself into an adventure with!

so…a little about us and who we are…

We (just the two of us) started up our company about 10 years ago. Now, we have a little son that also runs the entertainment side of the business- sort of..he is only 2! Plus during the season we have some extra helping hands. In comparison to some of the larger more commercial companies in the area we are quite a young company. Nevertheless, we have extensive knowledge of the dogs, the area and what most other companies offer.  We have the unique advantage of having freelanced for most of the companies in the surrounding Kiruna and Icehotel area. This has given us a great insight into what others offer and what we think we can do better!

Equipped with the experience of how others work in addition to our extensive knowledge of the Nordic regions, tourist guiding, dog care as well as behaviour and racing, we offer guests a unique blend of active and adventurous dog sledding trips!

The expanding tourism in Kiruna and Icehotel area made us want to get away from the mass tourism and thus we started up our kennel in an area around 30 min drive south from Kiruna. Here we have the freedom to enjoy nature….just us with our dogs, enjoying the company of our neighbours, namely moose and reindeer!

Being away from everyone does come at a price; we have to make all of our trails ourselves and we have a little longer transfer to the kennel. In our eyes though its definitely worth it.. as it means that there is no traffic from other tourism companies with dogs or snowmobiles…so you get to enjoy the true environment and wilderness as it should be.