Additional Information

The next few pages give you additional information regarding the usual questions we get, such as how to get here?

Moreover we think its good to prepare for your trip ahead!  So we have put together some suggestions and advice as to what in our eyes is necessary to bring. We have put together a packing list. The list includes gear we think you would need on our longer trips and Lapland in general. Nevertheless, you can of course also take other items with you. If you have further questions about other items you want to take along let us know.

The cold is a factor that not everyone is used to, and thus we add a small section on how to dress and the way in which we think its best to stay warm in the cold climate of the north! Please note that these are merely our suggestions from our experience of being out exploring.

We usually get asked for recommendations on where to stay. Although this depends very much on each person. We like Bishops Arms hotel in central Kiruna. Camp Ripan hotel at the outskirts of town is another nice option. Or alternatively you can try searching on Hotels Combined to find a place to stay!

Please do note, that our pick up locations are not at individual hotels anymore. The reason for this is because it simply takes too much time away from the trip. So we have 3 main locations for pick up; Camp Ripan hotel, the tourist information office in the center of kiruna within the Folketshus, and Icehotel.

Furthermore, additional information can be found on our question and answer section. Here we address the most common questions we receive. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any additional questions.

We are on Facebook, so you can send us a private message or you can always send us an email.