On our days off, we go dog sledding!

18 Mar

At the 3hr mark, they were only half way!! Levi and Simon took our race teams on a training run yesterday. They traveled for 80km. Quite the feat considering one has a broken wrist and the other is a rookie. Nonetheless, both the dogs and the guys loved it.

torne river dog sled
torne river dog sled







On route they traversed some rugged wilderness, battled through deep powder and moved along mostly frozen Torne River trails. Next week, Levi competes in the Tobacco Trail Dog Sled Race. The Tobacco trail is an old smugglers trail that goes through Kiruna, Soppero, Karesuando, through Finland and onwards to Russia and hence was a perfect name for the race itself. The dogs are ready, and the driver…well the driver could use some more Guinness. Our onsite Irishman, Simon, assures us it gives you strength!

Happy St. Patrick’s day to one and all.