Our trail

We are very proud that our trips are conducted on home made trails. We put an immense amount of effort to make our trail as sled friendly as possible without compromising the natural environment. Every autumn we prepare our trail with chain saw and axe to ensure that the trail is ready for when the snow comes.

Not only do we prepare the trail during the autumn but during the season we also try to go out with a snowmobile and trail maker. This ensures a very nice trail that is flat, wide and gives good overview.

We believe that the trails should be safe and enjoyable. The trail should be challenging and exciting but not terrifying. Our sledding trips are in the real wilderness without meeting any other sledding or snowmobile companies. We don’t use trails that others use as well. We might meet a moose or a reindeer, possibly a reindeer herder on snowmobile but luckily no other tourist company.

Safety is paramount and we do everything in our power to ensure the trail is safe. Of course any adventure activity is not without some degree of risk. But the trail we cover is both safe and exciting!

What’s the difference between our trails and the rest?

Well…without trying to cast negativity on other tour operators that drive in touristy areas our trails are ‘private’. ¬†Our trails are home made. Which has both advantages and disadvantages for us…not so much for you!

Because we do not have other companies using our trail, we have all the maintenance. If we don’t go out and it snows heavily our trails can snow over. In areas where there are many companies driving..there is always someone that keeps it open because they all drive the same place.

Because we have the advantage of being the only company in our area, we practically have private trails. We carefully select areas and groom them to optimise safety without minimising the adventure. In Sweden you cannot prevent others from driving on your land or trail. So although we cannot guarantee we will not meet a snowmobile or moose, we are fairly sure its not large groups of tourists. We have a saying…‘your chance to see a moose or reindeer is much larger than seeing another human being’ on our tours.

We try to groom the trails before the tours when necessary however, sometimes this is not possible. There are times when the weather conditions are very extreme with many days of snow and wind. The trails are covered and its tricky to go with the dogs…but even more tricky to go with snowmobile! The dogs know where to go…and together with the guides will find the best route in times of difficult conditions.