Photo gallery of our wilderness lodge

where you could stay

Our wilderness lodge is located in a fabulous location on the edge of a lake. The location is supreme for Aurora Borealis! On the edge of a lake you have the chance to walk out onto the frozen lake and view the aurora from many angles. The lodge inside is very cozy and comfortable. We have a large wood stove that keep the cabin nice and warm. A small kitchen is central to the homely feel. And our beautiful table handmade from Slovakia (was a wedding present from friends) is at the center of our dining area.

We used to live in the lodge for one winter with our dogs. So it really was a home…not just a cabin in the wilderness! We have fully renovated the lodge to ensure its warm and well insulated. We believe its the little details that count! Beside each bed we have a small dog tail hook to put your headlamp. This way you always know where it is in case you have to get up at night to view the aurora!

Furthermore, the cabin is lit by candle light. And luckily we use no generators or electricity to give you a real authentic wilderness experience. For those that would like to try a sauna, we have that too! Mind you, we don´t recommend a sauna if it is colder than minus 15 degrees!

We feel it is essential that our dogs are well taken care and well rested. So not only do we have a nice lodge to stay in…but the dogs do too 🙂 On colder days we also give them additional hay.