At times going to a new place can make you wonder about a couple of things…So in order to help you along, we have our Q&A page to answer some frequently asked questions below. Of course if you still have other questions that are not addressed please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Who can come on a dog sledding trip? 

EVERYONE!!You do not need to have any previous experience to enjoy the ride of your life with us! If you are coming on a shorter trip just sitting on the sled, its important to be able to bend your knees! If you want to drive your own team its good to have a sense of balance and its important to use the brake and pay attention to the distance between the sled and the dogs. For our longer trips we encourage full participation in the dog care. Moreover there is no age limit!

Can my 1 yr old come on the dog sledding trip?

We do not have an age limit but we advise you to take the weather conditions into consideration. A very young child would not enjoy a trip in minus 40 degrees! Furthermore, we recommend to come with young children towards the end of March or beginning of April.

How about pregnant women?

As long as everything is progressing normally we don’t see why you would not be able to come on a trip. All our trails are homemade, so we try to make sure they are as smooth as can be. Depending on your level of fitness and how many weeks along you are it might be better to sit on the sled instead of drive your own team. Please keep in mind that although we see no reason for pregnant women not to come it is completely at your own risk. We just want pregnant women to know that we will not refuse them if they understand the risks.

What are the temperatures like?

The temperatures range from plus degrees to up to -45 degrees Celsius. So there is quite a range of different temperatures that we experience up north. The weather changes very rapidly around here, which means that during the day it can be minus 15 degrees and change rapidly to minus 35 in the evening. The most important factor is to dress in layers. Have a look at our packing list and how to dress in cold weather to have more of an idea. 

Will we see the northern lights?And what is the best time to see them?

Well its difficult to say as the aurora is a natural phenomena which cannot be guaranteed. Moreover we never know what time they show. We can see them at noon or in the evening or early in the morning. As long as its dark enough and you can see the stars you have a great chance to see the aurora. We luckily are located in an area of the world where the possibilities to see the aurora are very high. On our daily northern lights trip we go to an area where its optimal to view the lights if they show. On our longer tours, our lodge is located on a lake from where you have great views as well.

Can we do a trip at a different time?

Unfortunately all our tours are at set times. Nevertheless if you are a group of more than 6 people we can always try and see if we have the possibility to fit the group in at a different time. You can always send us a request!

Is there enough space to take a backpack and camera equipment on the sled?

If you are coming on the sit back trip there is limited space on each sled. You can take a small bag or camera bag with you but we ask you to please leave any larger bags you have at the kennel in our dressing room. For the other trips there is enough space on the sled!

What is the gear like that you provide?

Below you see the images of the clothing we provide. The mittens are very large so they can go over your own smaller mittens. The boots are very well insulated and we recommend wearing only wool socks in them. Furthermore we give you a coverall which would go over all your own gear for extra warmth and protection.