So we started a blog….

We have started a blog so people around the globe can get a little bit of insight into the adventurous life we lead. We will try to regularly update what is happening around the kennel, with the dogs and with our guides and guests.

People from all walks of life come to visit us! Some, believe it or not, come to face the fear of dogs. We have had guests that come being terrified of dogs, and learn slowly that dogs really are super social, friendly and nothing to be afraid of. People come from across the globe to share with us our passion for our four legged family members, for the spectacular scenery in Swedish Lapland and to experience the magical northern lights. We are truly blessed to be able to call this unique area our home.

Part of our daily routine is that we care for our 80+ dogs. We feed them every morning, and ensure they get a lot of love and cuddles when we clean up the shit in the yard after feeding. After feeding is the time they get to socialize with us and we check that all the dogs are happy and ok. Having many dogs requires a lot of time, which we think all our dogs deserve. To be part of our family we ensure that we know each dog by name, by character and by their way of running. Each dog has a personality that is different from the other. Each dog is treated with respect and care.

Each season (we really have 4!) there is something different for the dogs to do! In the winter season they pull sleds with guests. In the spring we train puppies and do shorter distances with sled or cart. In the summer some of the dogs get to go free running whilst others get to pull a cart and swim. In the autumn we start training the dogs with cart and eventually with quad bike to get them ready for the winter season.