What to pack!

Wondering what to pack?

There is nothing worse than not being able to enjoy your adventure because you don’t have the right gear with you! Thus in order to prevent that from happening we have made a list of what to pack!

Before you pack we strongly suggest you pack everything into a waterproof DUFFEL bag…NOT a suitcase! Nevertheless, if you insist on bringing a suitcase bring a duffel bag as well so you can repack and leave the suitcase at the kennel.

Equipment you need to bring!!:

  • A headlamp is essential the more lumen the better. *this you can rent from us with prior notice (100kr per day)
  • Sleeping bag liner for use in our sleeping bags * this is a MUST to borrow our sleeping bags. (if you come without we will kindly ask you to buy one from us 300kr)
  • Towel if you want to have a sauna


a note on clothing…it all very much depends on the temperature which fluctuates quite a bit. The recommendation below is for very cold temperatures…better to be prepared!

  • Thermal underwear- both long-johns as well as longsleeved shirt. We highly recommend wool, especially merino wool. They are much more expensive but they make all the difference. Both for the warmth but also wool does not smell. Synthetic thermals are definetely not as warm and smell very quickly. It of course depends on your budget and the length of which you are going to be using it
  • Fleece- a fleece sweater or jumper for over your thermals both thin fleece and thicker fleece depending on the temperature. If its colder than -20 we also suggest wearing fleece pants over your thermals.
  • Ski trousers
  • Wool zip up or sweater in case its very cold for over a fleece.
  • Windproof/winter jacket

Additional items:

  • Beanie/neck gaiter (we recommend 2 pairs)
  • Balaclava
  • Hat if possible windproof ( we do provide warm windproof hats if you need to borrow a hat)
  • Wool socks- minimum 3 pairs (please note that cotton socks are the worst socks to wear in minus temperatures. Therefore we recommend wool and the higher the wool content the warmer! In case you cannot find good loose fitting socks we sell socks with 80% wool content for 100 sek. It is important though to let us know before hand so we can make sure we have your size in stock!)
  • Mittens in wool (for under the big mushing mittens that we provide).
  • Gloves that are thin enough to work with and preferably waterproof or water resistant so you manage to harness the dogs and clip them onto the lines. Big bulky ski gloves are not recommended as they are very unpractical to work with.
  • Warm waterproof shoes (thinsulate and goretex) when not mushing and just walking around the area of the wilderness lodge. Nevertheless, you can also wear the boots we provide instead!
  • Slippers or inside shoes for in the wilderness lodge

Keep in mind that the thing that makes you warm is the air…not the amount of layers or thickness of the layers. Therefore, loose fitting clothes are better than tight fitting clothes. Please read our advise on how to dress in cold weather to prepare yourself optimally.

We now hope you know what to pack!