Trying out the combo trail!

28 Nov

I love going out with the dogs. Its one of the most amazing feelings there is… the freedom, the ‘being in touch’ with the dogs feeling and just being outdoors and enjoying the magic. But its a bit difficult to go out when you have become a walrus and are … Read More »

Let it snow!! we have a tractor!

24 Nov

So… yesterday was a pretty amazing event! We got the tractor delivered to our yard. Its been a long struggle to get where we are….. but it seems things are looking good! From hand cleaning the road from snow with a shovel.. to having a snowslunga as they say in … Read More »

Sledding conditions…

24 Nov

Wow… we have started going with sleds! it was a rough start of the season with very little snow and not very hard packed trails. But luckily we are the only ones using our trails so we can have a little control on how they are taken care of. The guides and Kent have been out shoveling snow like crazy to make sure that we can run our first northern lights trip of the season.

We went out with the guides during the morning run to make sure that everything was safe and sound. There were a few patches that unfortunately required some more shoveling! Some trees tried to attack us on the trail…but all went well. Icy spots…not the greatest for the paws of the dogs but nonetheless we were able to take the trip!!

And to make things even COOLER Jack our 2 year old was very eager to drive his own sled. So he had 2 dogs and his little sled….


Keeping up…

19 Nov

The season is knocking at our door. We have had quite some interesting weather this season so far… relatively warm and little snow. But luckily we have had about 2 weeks in September where it was about -15 degrees Celsius. This ensured that most of the creeks and lakes are … Read More »

So we started a blog….

19 Nov

We have started a blog! Now people around the globe can get a little bit of insight into the adventurous life we lead. We will try to regularly update what is happening; around the kennel, with the dogs and with our guides and guests. People from all walks of life … Read More »