And.. its training time!

Dog carting training start

Every year after the summer we look forward to the training season. Usually sometime in Augusts we start because the days get cooler. As long as it is colder than 15 degrees our furry friends start their training. We start their training with our carts.

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husky tours autumn trips

How do we train our dogs?

Well… we start with our fun troll carts. They are small carts that have space for one person standing and one person sitting. They are not so heavy but heavy enough for the dogs to need to pull. We harness up the dogs, and put them in the team. (that means we attach their collar and the back loop of the harness to the gang line). And off we go! It is essential to go at an even speed. That way you minimise any potential injuries and the pace the dogs from overworking. We go short distances.. at first around 20 min. Then we go into water with them so they can cool down. This is important to regulate their body temperature. Learn more by reading our other post “too warm”. We also feed the dogs after each run and check them. After the training becomes more intense we also massage them regularly and check their feet. During our autumn months we also offer our cart trip for guests to share how we train our dogs. Check out our cart tour!