Keeping up…

The season is knocking at our door. We have had quite some interesting weather this season so far… relatively warm and little snow. But luckily we have had about 2 weeks in September where it was about -15 degrees Celsius. This ensured that most of the creeks and lakes are frozen.

Kennels in the snow
The kennel in the snow

Unfortunately the swamp areas need a bit colder weather because of the warm water in the swamps. In the last 2 days we have had quite a nice amount of snow… it finally is starting to look like winter outside 🙂

We have been conducting all our our tours luckily with the help of our carts!  Most people have been really eager to come out and sled with the dogs…but it seems that wont be possible till next week sometime.

The carts are so much fun! People do not seem to know what the carts are and think its just something on wheels where you sit and thats it! But let me assure you…. its really interactive and you get to see what it is like to drive a team of dogs. Surely the sled is super awesome but do not underestimate the fun of the carts!