Sledding conditions…

Wow… we have started going with sleds! it was a rough start of the season with very little snow and not very hard packed trails. But luckily we are the only ones using our trails so we can have a little control on how they are taken care of. The guides and Kent have been out shoveling snow like crazy to make sure that we can run our first northern lights trip of the season.

We went out with the guides during the morning run to make sure that everything was safe and sound. There were a few patches that unfortunately required some more shoveling! Some trees tried to attack us on the trail…but all went well. Icy spots…not the greatest for the paws of the dogs but nonetheless we were able to take the trip!!

And to make things even COOLER Jack our 2 year old was very eager to drive his own sled. So he had 2 dogs and his little sled….

Do your family want to have a go at sledding to? Children that are able to hold on to the sled, use the brake and listen to instructions may also be able to drive their own sled on one of our family tours! check it out!