Has winter forsaken us?

NO!! It is coming just a little later....

So, every year we have to figure out when the season can start. Its not an easy task, we sometimes have winter starting early.. sometimes later. What does this mean? well.. sometimes we have a season starting with lots and lots of snow like a few years back… but other times we have a very cold start, with minus 30 but little snow. Other times we have the perfect start, cold and snowy. BUT… this year……. well what can we say? No minus 30s.. and no snow! Its mid of and rivers and creeks are still open! and we hardly have any snow!! what’s going on?

husky tours warm weather
home made trails in lapland
Tropical autumn, Husky tours

Well.. rest assured we still offer awesome tours! Just at this moment in time not with a sled! Instead its with our awesome carts!! The feeling of driving a cart is very similar to the combo tour with sled, the interaction with the dogs is heartwarming and the scenery still stunning.  At this exact moment, its just not safe, not responsible.. to go out with a sled.  When we have such little snow, you can never brake with the sled. That means that you have very little control if any at all! Same for the dogs, the terrain is so uneven, that some places the bushes are stinking out and rocks come up from the ground…For the guides its also a tough job, sliding on grass, rocks and little snow.. So.. we wait… just a few more days hopefully! So things can freeze more, so we can safely cross rivers and lakes. and hopefully the snow follows suit.

Have you booked a tour with us and not sure if it is going to run as planned? Contact us! and check our conditions when it comes to force majeure!