How to get here

Obviously before being able to come on any adventure with us its important to know where we are located and how to get here!

Our husky tours kennel is located a few kms before a small village called Svappavaara in the north of Sweden. We are located approximately 45km south from Kiruna. Thus the main city to get to is Kiruna. You can fly to Kiruna Airport, you can take a train to Kiruna Station or you could drive by car up to Kiruna!

There are only two airline companies that fly to us, namely; SAS and Norwegian airlines. Alternatively you could come by train. Its a long 17hr journey from Stockholm to Kiruna nevertheless if you are not in a rush it is at times cheaper than a flight! Moreover you get to see more of the country!

Noteworthy, if you have plenty of time and want to have a holiday making it to Kiruna you could also drive up by car from Stockholm, which is a 1500km journey!

Once you have gotten to Kiruna, its quite easy for you to get to us. We pick you up from one of our meeting points, namely either at Camp Ripan hotel area, the tourist information in the centre of Kiruna or at the reception of the Icehotel. Please refer to your confirmation to see what time we will be picking you up! Usually we meet at least 15 min before the start of your trip. If we have pick ups from town before Icehotel we will be 10/15 min later.

If you would like to come to our kennel by your own car, its very easy. You just drive south from Kiruna and pass the icehotel crossing. From here its about 20 min drive. You will see a big bridge (for animal crossing). Keep driving till you pass over a tiny creek (about 10 min). Just after passing the tiny creek there is a sign Husky Tours Lapland on your right hand side. Turn to the right to what looks like a parking lot. Please turn right immediately and cross the highway onto a dirt road. And then drive till the end approx 100m till you see the dog yards! Although we welcome any guests, please give us a call before you come so we know to expect you!

To visualise where we are, we are on google earth and you can see our location on the trip advisor map as well. Additionally you can see the map below on the footer of our page on how to get here.