Kids and dogs!

Our dogs are like our kids! We care for them, feed them, love them and ensure that they feel happy. We often get kids on our tours and parents are always a little concerned whether they can trust the dogs or not….Well… dogs are dogs and kids are kids!  Although our dogs are extremely friendly and are extremely used to having kids around, children are unpredictable. And thus some dogs are a bit weary of children because they do not know what is going to happen. Our kids are involved with every process of the dog lifestyle. They help us with harnessing and unharnessing, getting water and feeding, even coming out training with us in all weather conditions. And kids love to feel useful and be helpful. We always advice our guests who come with kids that they approach the dogs from the front. Let them sniff their hands and say hello. Dogs that don’t want the interaction will shy away and we then respect that.

kids and dogs
Jackie with Jack
Husky tours for kids