Our Surroundings

We love where we live!

The surrounding areas are absolutely breath taking. Here we share with you some photos of our everyday life and of things happening in and around the kennel. Not only do we share images of the spectacular nature and kennel but who doesn’t love puppies!

Almost every year we have 3 new breeds. People might wonder what we do with all these dogs…well we try to improve our kennel. Each female can have on average from 4-10 puppies. We have had litters with less, but also some with up to 13 puppies!!! We never breed puppies to sell them. We breed to increase the gene pull and to try to get dogs with high stamina, great appetite, strong feet and love attention.

We believe its also nice to know a little bit about the accommodation. Some people think they will sleep on the floor, others expect a 5 star hotel. Well its neither of those! Each guests gets a comfortable bed! Its a completely home built cozy wilderness lodge.  We have no electricity, no running water but we have a wood stove to keep us warm and candle light. Our lodge is very much a home to us, and like minded souls will love it here.

Every year Kent tries to attend at least one race… so our gallery would not be complete without a picture or two of Kent and the dogs on a race 😉

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