Q&A: Our most frequently asked questions

Our questions and answers section is here to help! In case you have some questions, we have collected the most frequently asked questions here. Nevertheless, if your question is not here please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Who can come on a dogsledding trip?

Everyone! For our sit back and relax tours the only thing that is important is to be able to sit on the sled. This requires you to be able to bend your knees and put your feet straight on the runners. For our other daily tours such as the combo or the drive your own team trip you require a sense of balance. It is also important to be able to hold on to the sled and pay attention to the dogs and the brake.

Can we do a trip at a different time?

Unfortunately all our tours are at set times. Nevertheless if you are a group of more than 6 people contact us! We might have the possibility to fit the group in at a different time. You can always send us a request but we cannot guarantee we can accommodate you!

We are group of people; some of us want to do the combo tour but others want to drive their own team. Can we still go on the tour together?

Yes. Our combo and drive your own team tour take place at the same time and same trail. When making the booking please indicate that you are travelling together and want to attend the same tour.

We are group of 3 people and want to do the combo tour is this possible?

Yes. We might be able to pair the 3rd person with another traveller if both travellers agree. Or if there is still an odd person they can sit and drive together with the guide. Depending a little on the weight, it is possible in certain circumstances to have 3 people to a sled.

Why you should book a tour with us?

Our passion for the outdoor life, extensive experience with dogs and our home made trails combined with our location (away from all other tourist companies) makes our tours unique!

Can you pick up at an airbnb or private cabin?

No unfortunately we don’t. The reason for this is because we try to minimise the amount of time used for the pick ups and drop offs. When we pick up at the meeting points the guests are ready! Whereas going to individual hotels takes a lot of extra wasted time. This way we are able to spend more time at the kennel than driving up and down picking up from individual hotels or airbnbs.

Can we come to the kennel by our own car?

Yes absolutely. If you have your own car you are more than welcome to drive to our kennel yourself before the start of a tour. Just notify us at least a day ahead of time.

Will we see the Aurora Borealis?

Well its difficult to say as the aurora is a natural phenomena which cannot be guaranteed. Moreover we never know what time they show. We can see them at noon or in the evening or early in the morning. As long as its dark enough and you can see the stars you have a great chance to see the aurora. We luckily are located in an area of the world where the possibilities to see the aurora are very high. On our northern lights tour we go to an area where its optimal to view the lights if they show. On our longer tours our lodge is located on a lake from where you have great views as well.

What is the accommodation like on the longer tours?

Our home made cabin is made with lots of love, care and attention to detail. The lodge is very cozy, back to nature in a comfortable setting. There are 3 bedrooms, one with a double bed, and 2 with multiple bunk beds. There is a loungy area and kitchen. We have no electricity and no running water. Our outhouse is spacious, odour-free and comfortable. We also have a sauna at the edge of the lake! Have a look at our photo gallery for some photos

What are the temperatures like?

The temperatures range from plus degrees to up to -45 degrees Celsius. So there is quite a range of different temperatures that we experience up north. The weather changes very rapidly around here. Which means that during the day it can be minus 15 degrees and change rapidly to minus 35 in the evening.

Is there an age restriction on any of your tours?

Not really! But we do not recommend babies or young children to come when it is colder than minus 25! So for smaller children and babies we would recommend coming towards the end of the season when there is sunshine and warmer weather.

What gear do you provide?

We have coveralls that go over your own warm winter gear. Additionally you can borrow warm boots, large mittens to go over your own small gloves and windproof hats

Why don't you provide balaklavas?

Well… the answer is very simple. Hygiene! Would you want to wear something covering your mouth that a stranger has worn? Even after washing (you can call us sensitive if you like) its still not ‘purified’ from someone’s breath. So you can buy a new unused balaklava for only 50kr and use it for the rest of your holiday.

Do you provide wool socks?

No. But you are able to buy them for 100kr a pair.

Is it safe to come on a husky tour if you are pregnant?

As long as everything is progressing normally we don’t see why not! You would be able to come as long as you understand the risks. All our trails are homemade, so we try to make the trail as smooth as can be. (We have very few snowmobiles driving on our trails so they are as bump free as can be in the natural environment). Depending on your level of fitness and how many weeks along you are we advise you to come on the morning trip. Please keep in mind that although we see no reason for pregnant women not to come it is completely at your own risk. We just want pregnant women to know that we will not refuse them if they understand that no activity is ever risk free!