Special tours

Family Tour:

Why limit the fun to adults? Kids also want to join the fun, and they absolutely can! On our Special family tour, generally, all kids from the age of 6 can join this trip. The kids get to help harness a dog, and drive their own dog team if they want.  The parents get to drive their own team of dogs too. Alternatively they can sit on a combination sled so one parent drives and the other sits. Furthermore, kids get to know the dogs, harness them, drive them and feed them. If interested and time permitting, kids also have the chance to learn basic survival skills such as making a fire and ice fishing.

Please note that the Family Tour is only available towards the end of the season (around March, due to the weather conditions). Its usually warmer during the days.

Expedition Tour:

Another highlight of our special tours, is our expedition tour! This trip is for the more experienced mushers that want to rough it and really enjoy standing on the sled for a couple of days. These tours are carried out with more dogs and less mushers! The program is finalized during the tour on a daily basis. The route is completely dependent on weather conditions, and thus a great degree of flexibility is required. Accommodation can range from tents, open sky and wilderness cabins.

We only have Expedition tours at the end of the season…from end of March-May depending very much on the weather conditions.

Contact us for more information and details.
Minimum 5 nights- 21000kr PP