Too warm?

Too Hot to work!

Yes. You read right! too warm is definitely a factor for the dogs. Even though we absolutely desire some well deserved heat during the summer month, it is not optimal for running any dogs.  The dogs have a very thick undercoat, and work just as hard regardless of the temperature. Moreover many dogs do not know how to limit themselves. They will work with the same power in minus 35 as they would in plus 20 temperatures.

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How do the dogs cope with the warm weather?

Well…firstly the dogs love the sun. They love chilling in the warmth. But, unlike us humans dogs don’t sweat through their skin. They sweat through their paws and through their tongue. Alaskan huskies have a thick double coat that insulates and regulates to keep the dog cool in summer and warm in winter. In the summer months they shed their thick undercoat.

When it gets very warm the dogs body also heats up. They will regulate their body temperature in numerous ways. For example they will try to lie in the shade on a cold surface (stones or tiles) to try and absorb the coolness and stand in the wind to transfer heat away from the body. Through panting they circulate the necessary air through their body to cool down.

In humans the body cools down by sweating through the skin. Dogs have sweat glands on their paws, but this is usually not enough to cool the body down. The best way to cool the dogs down when very warm is water!

Not only through drinking water, but also by exposing their body and paws to water. This lowers their body temperature quickly and significantly.

On our summer and autumn cart tours this is exactly what we do. As long as it is not too warm (under 15 degrees celsius) we are able to let the dogs pull the carts. But of course we need to pay very close attention to ensure they do not overheat. So the first thing we do is drive into the cold water with all the dogs. Then we go out for a few kms whilst they pull the cart. And then we go back into the cold water to ensure their bodies do not overheat.

Nevertheless we do not offer the tour when it is too warm as the amount of kms we would be able to do would be extremely limited. We do however offer a kennel visit which gives you an insight into the life at the kennel.