Training Training & Training!

Training...but now its too hot again!

Training the dogs is all about building muscle, endurance and stamina! But there is soo much more to it than that. Its also the perfect opportunity for the guide to get a connection with his or her dogs. It is not only about harnessing and hooking the dogs up to the line and then running them. There is lots of psychology and sociology to it as well…. but lets not get into that… a bit too heavy for a friday morning!

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As long as it remains cooler than around 15 degrees with not too much sunshine we will train our dogs. Our new guides join us around this time as well. So it is the perfect combination….Training up our guides as well as our dogs. We focus very much on education. We spend lots of time with the guides and drive the first few tours with them to ensure that they understand not only the responsibility but also the care that is entrusted in them. ¬†We stop regularly, pet the dogs, calm them down, make them feel comfortable… for both the new musher as well as the dogs. Its such a great time to give the guides the chance to bond with their dogs. The leaders in particular need to have a good relationship with the new guide. If not… it will not work. We try to match our dogs with our new guides. That means that guides and dogs need to be able to work together and have a common respect for each other. Once that has been established it is a friendship for life!