Winter has finally arrived!

A few cms of Snow and -10 degrees

Never really thought i’d say this.. but boy am i excited that it is minus 10!! There has been a few cms of snowfall in the last couple of days….not enough to have the optimal sledding experience unfortunately but we have WINTER! Below are some pictures of how things should be looking…..

teepee for a break
husky tours kiruna
daily husky tour

We are working continuously to make the trail ready for sleds! We are shovelling snow into the trail from surrounding areas…but there isn’t all that much snow which makes a bit tricky… Hopefully within the next week or so we should be able to do all our trips with a sled. Some people have asked us.. why can’t you run with sleds while other companies can? Well the answer is really simple.. we could…but we choose to wait to make sure that the trail is ok for the dogs, ok for you and ok for the guides to safely take you on a trip. Our trails are varied, not just on a lake or a river, we cover swamps and forest area as well to give our guests the optimal experience. The snow does not reach the forest areas as well as an open lake or river…but soon we will be able to run all our trips per sled 😉 For now.. its still with our carts till probably beginning of next week!