Daily dog sled tours

All our daily dog sled tours and longer tours are conducted in a non-tourist area. Lucky as a result, this ensures that you will not meet large groups of snowmobile traffic or other dog sledding companies.

Its just you, the dogs and nature…

Our Daily Sit Back and Relax Morning Tour * starts at 08:45 at the meeting point:

On this trip, after arrival at the kennel you can borrow our gear before being driven by the sled to our beautiful teepee. We show you how to sit on the sled and off we go! Half way we stop so we can warm up by open fire. Additionally you can take pictures with the dogs and ask any questions you may have. Then we head back to the kennel. Tour ends at approx 12:00 in town. Price is 1150kr per adult, 1050kr per student and 650kr per child under 12 yrs of age.

Our Daily Northern Lights Tour * starts at 17:45 at the meeting point:

To see the aurora is a magnificent spectacle, which is why it is one of our most popular tours. You can enjoy sitting on the sled driven by the guide whilst hearing nothing but the panting of the dogs and the sled on the snow. The view of the stars is breathtaking, and hopefully the aurora will be dancing in the sky. Half way we stop at our teepee where we get to warm up by open fire and enjoy a warm drink. Our teepee is located in a beautiful area giving you a wonderful lookout point of the area around us. From here we head back to the kennel. Tour ends approx 21:00/21:30ish. *pls note from middle of march onwards it is no longer very dark during the tour.
is 1250kr per adult, 1100kr per student and 750kr per child under 12yrs of age.

Sit&Drive Combo * starts at 12:45 at the meeting point:

This tour is perfect if you want to drive but also want to have a chance to take pictures whilst sitting on the sled. You get to drive together with a friend or partner and swap over half way. The trail is approx 18 kms which can take between 1 hr and 15 min to 2 hrs depending very much on the trail conditions, weather, temperature and your abilities. When we get back to the kennel you get to help feed the dogs if you like. Additionally if there is enough time you can help unharness your own team of dogs. We also have the chance to warm up by open fire and enjoy a warm drink. Tour ends approx 17:00.
Price 1550kr per adult, 1350kr per student and 950kr per child under 12 yrs of age.

Drive your own team* starts at 12:45 at the meeting point:

if you want to the ultimate rush, then this trip is for you! You get to take care of your own team of dogs. You get a brief set of instructions before heading off into the wilderness. The trail is approx 18 kms long. You are responsible for your team so its imperative you pay close attention to your brake and the dogs. Our journey takes us through various landscapes before arriving back at the kennel. Here you get to help feed the dogs. Furthermore, time permitting you can help unharness them as well. We can also enjoy a cup of tea or coffee by open fire and you can ask any questions you may have. Tour ends approx 17:00.
Price 1850 kr pp. 1550 kr per student.

Please indicate which meeting point we can pick you up at when proceeding to our booking page; TOURIST INFORMATION IN CENTRAL KIRUNA , CAMP RIPAN RECEPTION or ICEHOTEL.

All our trips include warm coverall, boots, a hat and mittens that you can borrow free of charge. Please note when borrowing all our gear to please take care of it! If there is any damage, or you have lost any gear we will charge you for it!

REMINDER FOR ALL SINGLE TRAVELLERS….. DO NOT BOOK BEFORE CONTACTING US BY EMAIL PLEASE!!! On all our trips we require a minimum of 2 participants in order to run the trip.

A note on the weather… we run our trips in all weather conditions whether it is plus degrees or minus 40! As long as the dogs are safe and manage it we will run the trip. In the month of November we never know how much snow we have…If there is not enough snow to run the trip you have booked we will offer you an alternative tour…such as the sit and drive combo by cart.