Husky Tours in Kiruna Swedish Lapland

Our Husky Tours

We have a variety of husky tours that range from daily dogsledding trips to longer husky trips. Moreover our daily tours range from our sit back & relax dogsledding trips to more action packed drive your own team of huskies tours. Or perhaps you only want to see the Northern lights and combine it with a husky safari whilst visiting Kiruna, Swedish Lapland? Have a look at our tours to see all options available.

Our Huskies

They are the stars! We have around 80 Alaskan Huskies. Each of our dogs has a name, is an individual and has their own personality. All of our guides each take care of their own team of dogs, to ensure optimal connection and care between guide and dogs. Our dogs are our four-legged family members and deserve utmost respect and love. They are NOT machines! It is therefore essential that all our guests pay close attention to our instructions when driving their own husky team!

Our Motto

Sharing our passion with people from all walks of life is why we do what we do! People visit us from all over the globe to experience our adventures. And we believe that although everyone needs money to eat…its not about how much you can eat….its about the quality of what you eat! This principle is what we apply to our tours as well.

“We don’t just offer a tour…we share experiences that carve memories to last a lifetime”

Always included on all of our husky tours


To and From

We only pick up and drop off at 3 locations namely:

Tourist Information Center in Kiruna
Camp Ripan Hotel Reception
Icehotel Jukkasjärvi

Warm Clothes


On all of our tours we offer:

a warm protective coverall,
warm boots,
earflap windproof hat
and large mittens to go over your own smaller gloves.


Coffee/Tea & Cinnamon Roll

Our Short Husky Tours

On our daily dogsledding tours we offer coffee or tea with a cinnamon roll

Our Longer Husky Tours

On all our longer husky trips we offer hearty home cooked meals

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