There is no such thing as bad long as you are well dressed!

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How to Dress for a Husky Tour

Dressing warm in the arctic is a must

Our guests come from all over the world; many have never seen snow before. This is why we share this page about how to dress in the cold. We will try our best to explain below how to dress in cold weather and give you some tips for survival in the cold!

Firstly have a look at our packing list for our suggestions on what to bring…

The most important thing is layering and air between layers to give you the optimal warmth. Moreover, too many layers restricts air and thus does not create warmth. It is the air that makes you warm…thus loose fitting clothing is much better than tight fitting clothing. Especially for your feet…make sure you do not put on 5 layers! 1 pair of wool socks is much warmer than many layers of  socks.

Never ever wear cotton socks or cotton shirts…

Thermal underwear made of wool is the best but also the most costly. It comes in various thickness and wool percentages. Wool is not only warmer than synthetics but also odourless!

On top of thermals you can wear a fleece layer followed by windproof jacket and ski trousers.

Your neck should never be exposed to the cold and wind so the best thing is a neck gaiter or buff made of fleece. We recommend two so you can also pull it up over your nose and mouth if its very cold.

A good hat that covers your ears and is wind proof is also highly recommended.

Socks… WOOL WOOL WOOL NO COTTON!! Not too tight either!

*A note on heating pads…we do not recommend them as they make your hands and feet sweat which in turn make your socks and mittens wet which in cold temperatures will freeze!

Additionally we do not recommend you shower in the mornings and definitely do not wash your face when its colder than minus 20 as you will feel a lot colder and possibility for frostbite increases. Furthermore, we recommend no make up (no one sees you in the forest anyway) and no creams…if you must use cream use it the night before.

We highly recommend contact lenses if possible… In very cold temperatures glasses fog up completely making it impossible to see!  We also have a packing list with some suggestions. And a FAQ section.