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Work Opportunities

Work with dogs in summer

We are looking for helpers to work with us for summer time! June-July- August! Often volunteers from Workaway work with our dogs with the main responsibilities being: to clean the cages, cudde the dogs, and basic maintenance! Are you interested in coming to work with dogs in summer time and are not afraid to get your hands dirty? We would require you to come for at least 3 months. 

Work with dogs in winter

During our autumn season we start training the dogs full time. Its hands on, hard work and absolutely awesome (we think 🙂 Currently we are picking our team for the upcoming winter season. We normally have 4 guides that help us. Some of the guides have had experience with dogs, others have not. We try to have a good mix!


Are you the one we are looking for?

A highly motivated, enthusiastic individual who is able to both be social with guests and observant with the dogs? You would guide our dogsledding trips, and help with our transfers to and from our kennel. We have 3 different trips a day. You must be a confident driver and experience driving minibus (8 seaters) is a definite merit!

Traits that we are looking for in a person:

  • enthusiastic and postive
  •  passionate about dogs and their care
  •  not afraid to work long hours
  • initiative takers
  • familiar with the tourist industry and seasonal work
  • flexible (things change all the time!!!)
  • social and not afraid to talk to guests
  • able to cope with basic living standards
  • willing to live in the forest without much social interaction

Work with dogs and work with people!

Most of our guests  picked up from Kiruna, and thus you must have driving experience. We encourage individuals to apply that have previously worked within tourism, as this would be a definite plus.

Guides are working with our day trips, overnight and weekend trips. Guides also get the opportunity to have some longer training runs with the dogs.

Outdoor experience  is a benefit but not an absolute must. Having worked with animals is also a preference but again not essential. As long as you are highly motivated, determined and passionate, observant and want to work with dogs: Contact us!

What to expect

The first month is very intensive, learning the names of the dogs, learning how to take care of them, learning how to run them correctly, learning the trails etc.

We offer an amazing experience that most people never get the chance to have. Working with dogs is incredibly rewarding and satisfying. It is wonderful to be outdoors surrounded by nature and the wilderness.

But don't be fooled! This is a seasonal job with not many days off. The work requires intense dedication!! The dogs require intense care and affection. Its very hard work and not for people that are thinking of a holiday or are dreamers!

Are you ready to be part of the magic? If you are not intimidated by the above and feel this is a life style opportunity for you and you are able to be a valuable member to our family please get in touch!

Please note. We DO NOT accept applicants that are SMOKERS or have their own dogs! And we unfortunately do not hire any couples. We prefer applicants that have a little more life experience. *Min age 25 years old.