Husky Cart Tour

Cart tour highlights

  • Experience what its like to care for the dogs by harnessing and unharnessing the dogs part of your team.
  • Drive your own cart and feel the exhilaration and power of the dogs
  • Feed your dogs after the tour
  • Enjoy a kennel visit to learn more about what we do.

Our husky cart tour allow you to be part of the fun from start to finish! You learn how to harness and unharness the dogs. You get to learn how to drive your own husky cart with a team of dogs. And you also get to reward the dogs after the tour, by feeding them! As a bonus its all environmentally friendly as the husky carts have no engine.. its pure DOG POWER!

Cart tour itinerary:

Firstly we give you instructions on how to sit and drive the husky cart. Together with a friend, one of you sits and one of you drives we head into the forest and drive with the cart around the area. We drive into the water (when the water is not too high) to cool down the dogs so they do not overheat! Half way you get the swap over. Giving you both the perfect opportunity to take pictures and enjoy the thrill of being in charge of your very own team of Alaskan huskies.

After the cart driving part, (which takes approx 30-45 min) we head back to the kennel where you get to feed the dogs, unharness them and have a tour of the entire kennel. We always have puppies in the summer… so of course you get to take lots of pictures and cuddle the next generation! We also have a chance to sit by open fire and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with a cinnamon roll!

Pls note that the safety of the dogs comes first! If the weather is very warm we might have to cancel the tour or drive a shorter distance with longer stop intervals.


1200 sek per adult

1100 sek per student

1000 sek per child under 12 yrs

Pls note we do NOT provide clothing for our husky cart tour. Just make sure you have clothes that can get a bit doggy! We advice you to have rain gear, sturdy boots and working gloves with you. 

Due to Covid-19 we ask all guests to come to us by own car for our husky cart tour. If you do not have a car to get to us please get in touch so we might be able to figure out a solution. 

Contact us if you have any questions. 



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