Our Dogs

Introducing our ‘four leggeds’….Our Dogs

Our dogs are the stars! They are all alaskan huskies. We extremely often get the question does every dog have a name.The answer is…YES! Every single one of them has their own name.They each have their own personalities and identities. Here are a few photos of some of our doggies. We have approximately 80 dogs. Some of them are older and others have just been born. They are extremely friendly, love attention and adore meeting new people. Our kids are around our four-leggeds all the time so they are used to young children.

We often write about our pooches and our husky activities throughout the year on our blog. Check out the blog to learn more about our four-leggeds. Feel free to join our social media accounts (instagram and facebook amongst others) to get updates and see recent pictures of our doggies.