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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

The fastest and easiest way is to leave us a message on whatsapp or sms with your name, number of guests, which tour and which date.

Any person with a valid full time student id card from any school/university is able to get the student discount. However, the student id card must be presented at the kennel upon arrival and clearly show the date of study and a picture of the student for it to be deemed valid. With failure to present a valid student ID card we will kindly ask you to pay the adult price before commencing on the tour. 

Yes. You can join an existing tour that have other guests booked already. Send us an email with your dates (the more flexible the easier it is to find a tour to join). 

Yes absolutely we prefer it! And will give you a discount of 80 kr per person when booking without a pick up.  Pls confirm the start time of the tour with us when coming by own car. 

We only pick up from 3 different locations. Icehotel, Tourist information center and camp ripan reception. At the time of booking, you select the pick up location you want. Please note that the pick up location you have selected is the one we will pick you up from. We do not always go to each pick up location. so if you want to change your pick up location you have to notify us at least 24 hrs before hand.

We only pick up at designated spots. The Tourist information Center in the center of kiruna located in the Folketshus. Camp Ripan hotel reception, or Icehotel main upper reception. The reason for this is because we try to minimise the amount of time used for the pick ups and drop offs. When we pick up at the meeting points the guests are ready! Whereas going to individual hotels takes a lot of extra wasted time. This way we are able to spend more time at the kennel than driving up and down picking up from individual hotels or airbnbs.

Pls note for our summer and autumn tours we usually only provide transfer service for a group of minimum 4 persons. Get in touch with us for options.

Unfortunately not! If you have booked without  a pick up we have not calculated you in for the transfer. We have limited spaces on our transfer bus and thus most likely it is not possible to arrange transfer for you. Please note it is your responsiblity to reach our kennel at the right time.

Everyone! For our sit back and relax morning and northern lights tour the only thing that is important is to be able to sit on the sled. This requires you to be able to bend your knees and put your feet straight on the runners. For our other daily tours such as the combo or the drive your own team trip you require a sense of balance.  It is also important to be able to hold on to the sled and pay attention to the dogs and use the brake.

Besides the fact that our dogs, guides and family are all awesome.....our passion for the outdoor life, extensive experience with dogs and our hand-made trails combined with our location (away from all other tourist companies) makes our tours unique! All our guides have training before taking guests on tours and take care of their own team of dogs ensuring optimal connection and care between guide and dog team.

Very importantly we have a nice sized kennel (not too large with mass tourism and not too small that each dog continuously has to go) this ensures we know each of our dogs and their personality as well as their welfare. We can offer quality. We make sure all our dogs are happy and in great shape. We never over run our dogs...and besides that... we used to work with most of the dogsledding companies in Kiruna... so we know how they operate.........

All our tours are at set times. In case you have your own car and are at least 4 people it might be possible to arrange a different time. Additionally, if you are a group of more than 6 people contact us! We might have the possibility to fit the group in at a different time. You can always send us a request and we will try our utmost to accommodate your request, however its not a guarantee.

For our summer and autumn tours, pls contact us directly as the start times can depend on the temperature that particular day. 

Well its difficult to say as the aurora is a natural phenomena which cannot be guaranteed. Moreover we never know what time they show. We can see them at noon or in the evening or even sometimes early in the morning. As long as its dark enough and you can see the stars you have a great chance to see the aurora. We luckily are located in an area of the world where the possibilities to see the aurora are very high. On our northern lights tour we go to an area where its optimal to view the lights if they show. On our longer tours our lodge is located on a lake from where you have great views as well. 

Yes absolutely! Our combo and drive your own team tour take place at the same time and use the same trail. When making the booking please indicate that you are traveling together and want to attend the same tour.

We have coveralls that go over your own warm winter gear. Additionally you can borrow warm boots, large mittens to go over your own small gloves and windproof hats. We advise you to wear wool socks and a buff. Pls read our packing list for our longer tour recommendation and how to dress information.

Pls note we do NOT provide gear for our summer and autumn tours. We recommend for you to bring rain gear and good sturdy shoes. We also recommend gloves to handle the dogs and drive the cart. 

Our home made cabin is made with lots of love, care and attention to detail. The lodge is very cozy, back to nature in a comfortable setting. There are 3 bedrooms, one with a double bed, and 2 with multiple bunk beds. There is a lounge area and kitchen. We have no electricity and no running water. Our out-house is spacious, odor-free and comfortable. We also have a sauna at the edge of the lake! 

No! Not really! We do not recommend babies or young children to come when it is colder than minus 25! So for smaller children and babies we would recommend coming towards the end of the season when there is sunshine and warmer weather. Small kids usually end up falling asleep! We can provide an extra blanket/sleeping bag for small kiddos.  For the elderly, as long as they can bend the knees there is no age restriction either!

As long as everything is progressing normally we don’t see why not! You would be able to come as long as you understand the risks. All our trails are handmade, so we try to make the trail as smooth as can be. (We have very few snowmobiles driving on our trails so they are as bump free as can be in the natural environment till around end of march). Depending on your level of fitness and how many weeks along you are we advise you to come on the morning trip, and will provide an extra pillow/blanket to sit on. Please keep in mind that although we see no reason for pregnant women not to come it is completely at your own risk. 

Unfortunately if you are unable to make the tour for whatever reason we do not refund you, as per our cancellation policy.

In case you have other questions which we have not addressed in our FAQ above, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. You can reach us by Email, or Whatsapp or phone us on +46703080223