Customized Husky Tour

On our tailor made tours during the summer and autumn months, we create a tour based on your needs.  Since there is no snow we are not able to offer you a winter sled ride, but we can offer kennel visits and weather permitting our husky cart tour

A visit during the snowless time can involve multiple activities such as cart driving with the dogs or bow and arrow shooting, berry picking and or fishing! We also offer workshops for healing, learning about Sami shamanism, drum and rattle making. Or can take you out on a tour in the forest on Atvs.

We usually prefer a minimum group size of 4. We also cater for travel agencies passing by svappavaara on their way to visit Kiruna.

Have a look at are current summer and autumn tours to see what we offer. Don't hesitate to contact us! You canalso read our FAQ.



Completely dependent on your requirements